200 Club winners announced for Feb, March and April

During a brief break in play at the David Pearson finals on 21 May, the 200 Club draws for February, March and April were made. As the finals all had Essex players competing, there was a lot of interest in who was successful – and hopefully, actually seeing people win will have encouraged some of those parents who were present to join the 200 Club.

The draws were made by Debbie Stinson, Jo Mann and Steve Mann – and they all admited that they have yet to join the Club! They also all became shy when it was suggested that they be photographed making the draws!

The results were:


3rd  No 62, D Barrott

2nd, No 50 A Hewes

1st, No 190  R Callen


3rd, No 99 C Salmon

2nd, No 8  Wand

1st, No 67 S Aspinall


3rd, No 64, D Barrott

2nd, No 52 G Brooke

1st, No 83 Hilary Logan

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone for your continued support of Essex Junior Squash via the 200 Club – next time it could be your name that is drawn out.

If you would like more details about the draw or how sign up for just £2 month, click HERE.