TOP Essex junior Alice Green has been selected to represent Great Britain at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Alice, who represented England at the world junior championship in New Zealand last year, will line up alongside Yorkshire’s Sam Todd in the GB team in October.

The long fight to have squash included in the Olympic Games will be boosted when it is included as a showcase sport at the Youth Olympics in Argentina.

There will be no medals up for grabs, but six days of exhibition games which will provide a chance to show off the dexterity, strength and athleticism required to be a top-level squash player.

“This is going to be a great opportunity for our sport, and a wonderful chance for two young players from each country to experience an amazing event,” Squash Australia CEO, Richard Vaughan, said.

“There will be 18 male and 18 female young ambassadors, being part of an event that could well be a step towards our dream of being part of the Olympic program.

“Everyone involved with squash has worked incredibly hard to convince the Olympic movement that we belong in their Games, so we are very grateful to the organisers of YOG 2018 to be given this opportunity.”

Alice was predictably delighted to be selected for the groundbreaking event. “I am so proud to be flying the flag for Great Britain and squash,” she said this week. “On a personal level, I am so excited to be going to such an amazing event in an incredible part of the world. Just the thought of going to Buenos Aires sends a shiver down my spine. Equally, having the chance to help showcase the game of squash on such a prestigious stage is an incredible honour. I feel so privileged.”

The YOG began in Singapore in 2010, an event designed to give the world’s best young athletes a chance to experience competing at a major multi-sport event.

It’s also an opportunity to showcase and trial new sports. It will be the first time squash has been part of an Olympic event.

“As a showcase sport, there will be no medals, no scoring, no podiums,” Vaughan said.

“But there will be a showcourt, introductory clinics, even an inflatable court. We will make sure squash puts on a show to remember.”

The format will see three pools of six players each in both male and female competition. Only one male and one female from each country will be permitted to attend.

The athletes will also get to attend the Buenos Aires opening ceremony, as well as attend all the other sports.