The East Region Junior Tournament was held on the 9th and 10th of December at Ipswich Sports Club.England Squash have withdrawn support for all Regional events which meant that there were no national ranking points on offer.
However, with great support from all the Regional associations (Beds, Cambs, Essex, Herts, Norfolk and Suffolk) there were still almost 120 entrants in age groups from U9 to U19. One scenario that was not considered by the organisers was that a snowstorm on Sunday morning would bring the Region to a standstill which was a great pity because the 120 matches on Saturday had gone without mishap.
Unfortunately around 30 players couldn’t get to Ipswich for the concluding rounds on Sunday, however those who did battle through produced the usual high level of competition.
Essex produced three winners and two runners up, including Harry Kitchens who made it back to back titles  producing some impeccable squash to beat Edward Wheeler 3 love for the championship victory.
The finalists were:
Winner Runner-up
BU9 Saarang Meduri (Essex) Ewan Coackley (Suff)
BU11 Diego Pita (Cambs) Brady MacKenzie (Norf)
GU11 Nancy Akyol (Suff) Bonnie Elvin (Suff)
BU13 Alex Banhidai (Essex) Matthew Bartley (Suff)
GU13 Natalie Main (Beds) Leah Brooke (Essex)
BU15 Thomas Ramsey (Cambs) Harry Robson (Cambs)
GU15 Emma Bartley (Suff) Ellie Hewes (Essex)
BU17 Harry Kitchens (Essex) Edward Wheeler (Cambs)
GU17 Darcie Mounter (Cambs) Ellis Miller (Cambs)
BU19 Hasnat Farooqi (Herts) Isac Andersson (Suffolk)
GU19 Katie Cox (Norfolk) N/A
BU19 Winner; Hasnaat Farooqi (Herts) in his last Junior season
GU19 Winner; Katie Cox (Norfolk)
BU17 Winner; Harry Kitchens (Essex)
GU15 Winner; Emma Bartley (Suffolk)
BU15 WInner; Thomas Ramsey (Cambs)
GU13 Winner; Natalie Main (Beds)
BU13 WInner; Alex Banhidai (Essex)
GU11 WInner; Nancy Akyol (Suffolk)

BU11 WInner; Diego Pita (Cambs)
BU9 with Winner Saarang Meduri (Essex) right rear
The full draws are available by clicking the links below.