Report by KERRY MUNN – Coach at Club Kingswood

The start of the Commonwealth Games on Thursday coincided with another exciting squash event closer to home as 12 development juniors from the South Essex area met at Club Kingswood for the first summer social of the holidays. No sitting in front of an X-Box for these keen youngsters!

The players competed in a hugely enjoyable giant round robin – everyone had 11 matches and it was a race against time as each match only lasted five minutes. The players were aged between 9 and 17, grouped according to ability and then given a points handicap. When they weren’t playing, they all marked each other’s matches.

With the weather outside blazing hot, the short-match format was perfect for prevented over-heating. Some of the matches were so well matched that when time was called they finished in a dead heat!  Sixty six matches were played in total and the juniors got a point for a win and half a point for a draw.

Final results:

=1st : Alex Walton Won 8 matches drew 1 match

=1st Alfie Thompson Won 8 matches drew 1 match

3rd Peter Munn Won 7 matches

=4th Theo Redicon Won 6 matches

=4th Hannah Munn Won 6 matches

6th David Munn Won 4 matches drew 3 matches

7th Aiden Mahoney Won 5 matches

=8th Charlie Broad Won 4 matches drew 1 match

=8th Samantha Tolhurst Won 4 matches drew 1 match

=8th Adrian Pastor Won 3 matches drew 3 matches

=11th Thomas Tolhurst Won 3 matches

=11th Thomas Munn Won 2 matches drew 2 matches

The next social morning is Tuesday July 29th, 10am until noon at Kingswood. It is open to all development juniors in the South Essex area (you do not have to be a member of Kingswood). £5 per 2 hour session.

Additional dates: Tuesday 19th August, Tuesday 26th August, Thursday 28th August

Players must be able to use (minimum) 1 dot ball, be able to serve and return and hold a rally

Please phone Kerry Munn (Club Kingswood Coach) on 07830 665203 for more information and to book in. (Please don’t just turn up on the day in case it is unable to run, due to low numbers)