Congratulations to recent our 200 Club winners and thank you to everyone for your continued support of Essex Junior Squash via the scheme – next time it could be your name that is drawn out.

If you would like more details about the draw or how sign up for just £2 month, click HERE.


1st. Justin Walton  £40

2nd. John Blackmur  £30

3rd. Steve Aspinall  £20


1st. Will Southworth £40. Very kindly donated back to Essex Junior Squash

2nd. J. Carroll  £30

3rd. Karen Connor  £20


1st. Andrew Hewes  £40

2nd. David Harris  £30

3rd. Tim ( or probably Elli as she has already spent the money!!) Barrott  £20


1st. India Webb  £40

2nd.  Matthew White  £30

3rd. Karen Connor  £20