The Year Five Lexden Cup 2019 held on 15th November at Lexden Squash and Rackets club was hotly contested by five teams.

Mersea A claimed a superb win when they slapped an unbeatable lead of 171 points on the leader board with only five points dropped in all 16 matches winning 40-19 against the second placed team, Tiptree A. Mersea B team took the bronze position just five points behind second place and Stanway splitting Tiptree’s second team away from the pack to take a great fourth spot.

All players from all teams played brilliantly, with honesty, integrity and great team spirit. They shook hands after every match and thanked markers. They shook hands with event organiser Paul Allen and thanked him for the tournament. They clapped good shots from other schools. Great team support and also a definite improvement in play since last year.

Final year 5 team placings:

1st     Mersea A     171

2nd   Tiptree A      133

3rd    Mersea B     127

4th    Stanway       109

5th    Tiptree B       91


Three weeks later, on December, 6th four year six teams took to the courts for their tournament.

With results almost a carbon copy of three weeks earlier, Mersea EFS teams took home first and third positions this time six points behind second placed Tiptree, with Stanway in fourth place.

Final year 6 team placings:

1st Mersea A    180

2nd Tiptree       140

3rd Mersea B    134

4th Stanway        23


Each child from every school entered also received a voucher for several free squad coaching sessions at Lexden squash and rackets club. This is a valuable prize and hope everyone will take up the offer.

The top two teams at each event gain direct qualification to the Active Essex School Games held at Corporal Budd Gymnasium on Friday 17th January 2020 where they get to go head to head on a county level with all the best teams.