There were some significant improvements for Essex players when the August England rankings were released this week.

Over 85 per cent of our junior players rose in the national list with seven Essex youngsters now in the top 20 of the various age groups. Colchester’s Joel Braddock is now ranked three in the Under-11’s while Ellie Hewes is into the U-13 top five for the first time. Redbridge’s Elise Lazarus has surrendered her number one position in the Under-15’s due to her inactivity over the past five months due to injury.

Alice Green, meanwhile, continues her steady climb. She’s up to 10th in the Under-15’s and 30th ranked player in the Under-17’s. despite being just 13 years of age.

ENGLAND RANKINGS AUGUST 2014 (Essex players)

Under-11 Boys:

Joel Braddock (3); Max Hyde (23); Zaid Mushtaq (31);Yusef Sheikh (40); Brandon Higgins-Pearce (54).

Under-11 Girls

Mikayla Mann (19)

Under-13 Boys:

Timothy Bacon (11); Oliver Green (14); Joel Braddock (27);  Harry Martin (89); JTravis-Jack Tatum (102);Sujan Srindon (113);Zaid Mushtaq (133); Ryan McCoy(139);Brandon Higgins-Pearce (171); David Hawkes (190).

Under 13 Girls:

Ellie Hewes (5); Eleonor White (35); Amy Aspinall (37), Elli Barrott (41); Mikayla Mann (76).

Under-15 Boys:

Ben Richardson (35); Haydon Smith (41)); Harry Kitchens (62); Charlie Martin (84); Tom Bird (90); Tim Bacon (94);Oliver Green (115)’ Alex Walton (123); Charlie Bacon (219).

Under-15 Girls

Elise Lazarus (2); Alice Green (10); Ellie Hewes (44); Paige McCoy (63); India Rose-Webb (73);Amy Aspinall (94);Eleonor White (96); Elli Barrott (107); Piper-Rose Tatum (112);

Under-17 Boys:

Aaron Allpress (45); Joseph Blackmur (62);  Conor Adams (73); William Salmons(122); Ben Richardson (129); Haydon Smith (132); Kieron Collins (137); Robert Pearson (155); Daniel West (185).

Under-17 Girls:

Collette Whittington (23); Alice Green (30); Elise Lazarus (40); ; India Rose-Webb (102).

Under-19 Boys

Jags Sehmbi (17); Will Southworth (54); Guy Tallentire (63);Tom Smith-Evans (71)  Aaron Allpress (78);  Charlie Belcher (114);Matt Murray-Downing (124);  Alex Snook (127)’ Conor Adams (135); ;Richard Horswill (137); Kieron Colllins (147); Robert Pearson (165); Clayton Hunt (180)

Under-19 Girls:

Collette Whittington (48); Elise Lazarus (55).