Off The Wall Squash ran a half term Squash Camp at Five Lakes Country Club near Tiptree this week and were joined for the day by World ranked No.10 player Daryl Selby.

Every player at the camp got to hit with Daryl and listen to some of the challenges needed to be a squash professional playing at the highest level. It was a full programme of work for the players ranging from skill challenges which suited all levels of ability through to the theme for the day which was “exploring the front of the court”.

The programme for the day was set by Off The Wall Squash head coach Paul Selby. According to Daryl, it was not the usual structure offered by other camps and targeted an area of the court that is often neglected but necessary for the progression of  young players.

A great quote from one of the parents watching summed up the enjoyable day.

“As we drove home, the one abiding memory that my wife and I noted was that throughout the day, what we could always hear was the sound of laughter from the junior players who clearly had a wonderful day.”

Daryl noted: “If this is how people go away after a day like today then we must continue to deliver days like this in the future.”

After the success of this camp, Off The Wall Squash will be running a series of one day camps in the summer with other guest professionals in attendance such as Ben Coleman and Peter Barker.

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