Kerry Munn coaching

Each week we put an Essex squash coach under the spotlight for a quick-fire spot of Question and Answer. This week it’s the turn of KERRY MUNN, a relatively new face among the coaching scene.

What’s your name: Kerry Munn.

Where do you coach squash:  Club Kingswood

When did you first begin playing and how long have you been coaching: I started playing in 1979 when I was 11 (yes I’m 46!) and did my level one last year and my level two at the beginning of this year.

Who is the best player you have ever coached: As I coach beginners and intermediates I can’t really answer that, although I love coaching beginners and seeing how they progress

What is it about the game that you love: That anyone of any level can play and enjoy it

Do you coach any other sports: No


Laura Massaro: England hero and Kerry’s fav’ player

Who is your favourite professional player: I love Laura Massaro’s determination

Any training tips for club players: It would help your match fitness, agility and recovery a great deal if you used the gym and took advice on a fitness programme, alongside your coaching and matches.

Other than your own, what is your favourite squash club and why: Brenfield Squash Club (now called LA Fitness Brentwood) is where I started playing so it’s my original home, sadly there are only two courts out of 12 left now and the two fantastic show courts are gone. My very first coach was Paul Wright and I had the pleasure of witnessing a Jahangir Khan exhibition match there.

 Egypt is producing some fabulous young players. How are they doing it: As I understand it, the juniors are thrown onto a court at a young age and just told to play – the more court time they can get the better, I’m always trying to encourage our juniors to get as much court time as possible.

England Squash has a new chief executive starting soon. What advice would you give him: Try and get everyone to pull together for a common goal. It seems to me there are a lot of left hands not knowing what the right hands are doing.

 Have you ever deliberately drilled an opponent with a ball? Come on, be honest: Never; honestly!

 Pasta or potatoes: potatoes

Steak or chicken: chicken

Beer or wine: wine (occasionally)

Football or cricket: Tennis

Monarchy or Rebublic: Monarchy

Favourite football team: West Ham United, I’m from a traditional East End family

Least Favourite football team: Liverpool (my husband supports them although he’s from Essex, I don’t get this?!)

And finally, if the Dragon’s Den asked why they should invest in squash, what would you tell them: I have just finished watching the squash at the Commonwealth games and it was a fantastic display of athleticism, skill, tenacity and sportsmanship. I was glued to the matches for hours. The televising has improved considerably and an investment in squash might mean we could get squash into the Olympics.