LEE HORTON reports from Roman Cup Finals

THE Colchester Garrison shook and the decibel levels hit treble figures last week as more than 150 schoolkids played out the final chapter of this season’s Off The Wall Squash Roman Cup competition, fast becoming the number one sporting event in the schools’ calendar.

The finals saw 19 teams going full tilt in pursuit of glory producing a level of squash that had event tournament sponsor Sebastian Carmichael-Brown from Chelmsford-based renewable energy company Carmichael Browns purring:” Wow, what an event. The level of squash and the enthusiasm and commitment from all the players was spell-binding.”

Those sentiments were echoed by senior OTWS coach Lauren Selby who told the packed gallery:   ”The Roman Cup is growing each and every year. The level of squash and participation levels are hitting new heights which is absolutely thrilling. Our schools’ programme has already produced several top county players and it looks like we have discovered some new stars of the future.”


WINNERS: Lawford School collect their trophy from sponsor Seb Carmichael-Brown

Lawford School’s first team were triumphant in the Year Five division pipping runners-up Ardleigh St Mary’s to the top prize. The success also helped Elise Ando to the Year 5 Best Girl award. Jamie Smith from Ardleigh was named best boy.

Ardleigh St Mary’s went a step better in the Year 6 event with their haul of 138 points sealing top spot ahead of Dedham. Alfie Austin and Rosie Snook also bagged best player trophies to add to the St Mary’s collection.

The Roman Cup is growing in strength and becoming a huge entry point into squash for hundreds of schoolchildren.

The impact on the kids was perfectly summed up by Lawford Primary School teacher Lauren Rowe who kindly shared her thoughts in a letter to OTWS co-ordinator Karen Selby, part of which we post here.


To everyone at the Off The Wall Squash Academy,

On behalf of the children and staff at Lawford Primary School, I would just like to say a huge thank you for all the hard work, fantastic coaching and extremely enjoyable Roman Cup tournament you have provided for our children. It has been a privilege to have worked along side you and be part of something so motivating for the children.

I am in a fortunate position to be able to see the real impact that you have on the children  and how inspired they are by the work that you do with them. Squash has become a huge part of their school life and is regularly talked about in so many subjects (sometimes a little too much!), not just P.E. So many children are desperate to be in the teams and I for one am proud of what they have achieved so far this year.

This is all down to the work you have put in, and the opportunities that you have given them. I hope your influence will keep on growing within a number of schools, and that we continue to keep up the strong partnership we have with you for the sake of the children. Bring on the year 3s and 4s!

Thank you again,
Kind regards,

Lauren Rowe



Year 5 Winners:  Lawford 1

R/Up: Ardleigh St. Mary’s 1

Plate winners: Lawford 3

Plate R/Up: Great Bromley


Year 6 Winners:  Ardleigh St. Mary’s 1

R/U:  Dedham

Plate winners: Lawford 1

Plate R/up: Ardeligh 3


Year 5 Most Improved Girl: Marina Cable – Dedham

Year 5 Most Improved Boy: Charlie Smith – Langham


Year 6 Most Improved Girl: Cherri-Mai Morre – Ardleigh

Year 6 Most Improved Boy: Joseph Mayhew-Millard – Bradfield


Year 5 Best Girl: Elise Ando – Lawford

Year 5 Best Boy: Jamie Smith – Ardleigh


Year 6 Best Girl: Rosie Snook – Ardleigh

Year 6 Best Boy: Alfie Austin – Ardleigh 


Year 5 Group 1 Scores 



Ardleigh 1 30 36 19 31 116 2nd
Ardleigh 2 18 36 23 27 104 3rd
Dedham 9 16 11 20 56 5th
Lawford 1  27  36  36    30  129  1st 
Lawford 2 13 28 32 14 87 4th


Year 5 Group 2 Plate 


Bradfield 27 28 28 83 3rd
Great Bromley 29 28 27 84 2nd
Langham 24 16 24 64 4th
Lawford 3  31  31  31    93  1st


Year 6 Group 1 Finalists 


Ardleigh 1    36  31  35  36  138  1st 
Ardleigh 2 5 14 26 20 65 5th
Dedham 20 36 31 32 119 2nd
Great Bromley 17 32 16 30 95 3rd
Langham 8 33 21 32 94 4th


Year 6 Group 2 Plate 


Ardleigh 3 26 31 27 36 120 2nd
Bradfield 22 18 22 35 97 3rd
Lawford 1  29  36    36  36  137  1st
Lawford 2 24 25 16 30 95 4th
Lawford 3 13 28 15 17 73 5th